CaptainSparklez1 or Jordan Maron has played in some of Stampylongnose's videos such as Friendly Creeper [53] and Creepr Coaster [54], as a special multiplayer episode with the five players, FinnBall, L for Leeee X, Bread Stick, stampylongnose, and CaptainSparklez1.

Captainsparklez s skin by blackninjamc-d5bz8g8

CaptainSparkez skin

Real Name   Jordan Maron

Age              22

First Apperance  Friendly Creeper [53 (Stampylongnose XBOX)]

                         CaptainSparklez's First Ever Video (Your Captain Is...)

Last Apperance  Creeper Coaster [54 (Stampylongnose XBOX)]

                         Still Going on Minecraft PC series, mod showcases...


Jordan Maron is currently twenty-two years old and is best known for his parodies of minecraft, such as Take Back the Night, Revenge, Fallen Kingdowm, TNT, Minecraft Style, and Hey CaptainSparklez. He is friends with SkyDoesMinecraft, Slamacow, Dig Build Live, and the BajanCanadian. They are also known for their minecraft animations. CaptainSparklez has over 7,000,000 subscribers today on YouTube (2014), and probably the person that has over billions of views worldwide.