Known on youtube as IBallisticSquid and in real life david Spencer . I have a pesky girlfriend called Nicole and two peskey dogs named Marley and Lily. I live in Somerset, England and I love it here! I am not thinking about moving for a very long time.

Also i have no idea why people always say my name is Jeff, it's just strange. but ive got a got a pesky brother called Gary Fred his channel is I love my job whif stamps ash and you guys watching I love my channel thanks for the views and the subs I have got thanks guys. 

Facts Edit

  • If you look closely, his Minecraft PC name is misspelled. Instead of "iBallisticSquid", it says "iBallistiicSquid".The reason this is, is because "iBallisticSquid" was already taken.
  • In some other Minecraft videos, the nickname __Squidy__ head is seen on his YouTube account picture.
  • He has another account called SquiddyPlays which he plays games other than Minecraft on.
  • He has another account called SquiddyVlogs which he vlogs on.
  • His username on xbox is "iSlipperyfellow" due to his original account being hacked. He believes in unicorns and rainbows. He was already announced most littlest maturity on Americas got talent. He doesn't want anyone to know but he said he would announce that he won the award in 2017. In his 13 000 000 000 subscibers video. (and loves squid things)
  • He has loads of subscribers!
  • ash and stampylongnose are his best friends.